Edinburgh Symposium on Historical Phonology

The Sixth Edinburgh Symposium on Historical Phonology

Monday 4th December

Tone sandhi in diachronic perspective

9.30-10.00 ▸ James Kirby (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) ▸ »abstract«

Phonological Processes in Nizwa Arabic: Change and Persistence

10.00-10.30 ▸ Suaad Ambu Saidi (Sultan Qaboos University) ▸ »abstract«

Word-final obstruent voicing as an outcome of the lenis/fortis contrast transformation in Lower Luga Ingrian

10.30-11.00 ▸ Natalia Kuznetsova (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) ▸ »abstract«

The prosody of the Old English prefix ge-

11.00-11.30 ▸ Tina Bögel, Chiara Riegger & George Walkden (University of Konstanz) ▸ »abstract«

Mechanizing historical phonology

2.00-2.30 ▸ Julien Baley & Nathan Hill (SOAS & Trinity College Dublin) ▸ »abstract«

The sociophonetic investigation of the effects of opposing forces during the development of NZ English

2.30-3.00 ▸ Erika Sajtós & Katalin Balogné Bérces (Pázmány Péter Catholic University) ▸ »abstract«

Sonority thresholds and phonological change: Presonorant Lengthening in BCMS revisited

3.00-3.30 ▸ Aljosa Milenkovic (Harvard University) ▸ »abstract«

Restocking the Shelves: Tracking the Reintroduction of Aspirated Plosives into Vamale (South Oceanic)

3.30-4.00 ▸ Jean Rohleder (University of Bern) ▸ »abstract«

Cyclicity as a Proto-Indo-European phenomenon

4.30-5.00 ▸ Anthony D. Yates (University of California, Los Angeles) ▸ »abstract«

Plenary Talk: Can we talk? Bridging the divide between phonological typology and historical phonology.Part 1: Sound change dynamics

5.00-6ish ▸ Shelece Easterday (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)

Tuesday 5th December

Plenary Talk: Can we talk? Bridging the divide between phonological typology and historical phonology.Part 2: Phonological (in)stability and initial conditions

9.30-10.30 ▸ Shelece Easterday (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)

The regularity of Old French velar onset voicing, and its bottlenecked path from Roman lenition

10.30-11.00 ▸ Clayton Marr (Ohio State University) ▸ »abstract«

The diachrony of coronal stop contrasts in Scottish Gaelic and Gaelic-accented English

11.00-11.30 ▸ Donald Alasdair Morrison (University of Manchester) ▸ »abstract«

Old Hungarian h-metathesis

2.00-2.30 ▸ András Cser, Beatrix Oszkó & Zsuzsa Várnai (HUN-REN Research Centre for Linguistics) ▸ »abstract«

Phylogenetic ancestral state reconstruction of bilabial trills in the languages of Malekula Island (Vanuatu), and the historical evolution of rare sound changes.

2.30-3.00 ▸ Benedict King, Tihomir Rangelov & Mary Walworth (MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology) ▸ »abstract«

A speaker-oriented analysis of the phonologization of cumulative phonetic vowel duration in Kashubian

3.00-3.30 ▸ Bartłomiej Czaplicki (University of Warsaw) ▸ »abstract«

Consonant alternations in ancient agricultural vocabulary: a window into the linguistic pre-history of W. Africa

3.30-4.00 ▸ Fabian Zuk & Abbie Hantgan-Sonko (LLACAN, CNRS/INaLCO/EPHE) ▸ »abstract«

Vowel reduction to /i/ in functional morphemes in Northern Sub-Saharan Africa

4.00-4.30 ▸ Dmitry Idiatov (Langage, Langues et Cultures d'Afrique, CNRS) ▸ »abstract«

Cinderella Syncope: the ever-changing metrical motivations for Latin vowel deletion

4.30-5.00 ▸ Ranjan Sen (University of Sheffield) ▸ »abstract«

Posters - Monday 4th December

Phonological norm in the grammars written by Dalmatian authors of the second half of the 19th century

Tanja Brešan Ančić (University of Split) ▸ »abstract«

Contact-induced phonological change in the Sumatran languages

Blaine Billings (University of Hawai'i at Mānoa) ▸ »abstract«

A life cycle of BS

Brandon Kieffer (University of Edinburgh) ▸ »abstract«

Between dialectal backing and the tendency towards intrasyllabic harmony: the case of the Kryvorivnja Dialect

Oksana Lebedivna (University of Edinburgh) ▸ »abstract«

Junk in a chain shift. Nominative clitics in the Romance languages

Geir Lima & Miguel Vázquez-Larruscaín (University of South-Eastern Norway) ▸ »abstract«

Morpheme boundary + velar nasal: a study of prefixation in The Grand Repository of the English Language (1775)

Mar Nieves-Fernández (Universidade de Vigo) ▸ »abstract«

Diachronic spirantization and deaspiration in Sylheti

Ankita Prasad (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) ▸ »abstract«

Positional prominence constraints and nasality: An Edoid example

Ronald P. Schaefer & Francis O. Egbokhare (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) ▸ »abstract«

The pertinacity and opacity of proto-Mayan stress parameters

     Elijah C. Wilder (University of Texas at Austin) ▸ »abstract«

Parting ways with tradition: Romance, dating, and vowel breaking

Fabian Zuk (LLACAN, CNRS/INaLCO/EPHE) ▸ »abstract«

Posters - Tuesday 5th December

Multiple uncommon word-prosodic changes in the Austronesian languages of Raja Ampat: when – and why?

Laura Arnold (University of Edinburgh) ▸ »abstract«

Labial-velars: Origins and reflexes

Michael Cahill (SIL International) ▸ »abstract«

Speech physiology or more? Vowel duration and tongue height in Northwestern Italian

Stefano Coretta (University of Edinburgh) ▸ »abstract«

Nasal vowel unpacking or segmentalization in Albanian

Lindon Dedvukaj (Ohio State University) ▸ »abstract«

An acoustic analysis of the Norwegian merger of /ʃ/ and /ç/

Maria Evjen & Sverre Stausland Johnsen (University of Oslo) ▸ »abstract«

Length in strange places: Qualitative enhancement of sonorant quantity in Celtic and beyond

Pavel Iosad (University of Edinburgh) ▸ »abstract«

The phonemic aspect of Glossematics in a present-day light

Henrik Jørgensen, Rasmus Puggaard-Rode & Camilla Søballe Horslund (Aarhus University) ▸ »abstract«

An evaluation of contact-induced change to word prosody systems on a global scale

Ricardo Napoleão de Souza & Anu Hyvönen (University of Edinburgh & University of Helsinki) ▸ »abstract«

Stress-targeted vowel harmony: a diachronic and theoretical account of Occitan ‘metaphonic’ diphthongization

Michela Russo (Université Lyon III — Jean Moulin / SFL CNRS–Université Paris 8) ▸ »abstract«

Historical phonology of Modern South Arabian – a new proposal

Roey Schneider (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena) ▸ »abstract«